iCubed-Capital Team

Ismail Kajee - Chairman

Ismail Kajee is a founding partner of iCubed Capital (Pty) Ltd. As Chairman and joint CEO, he has overall
responsibility for steering the Groups vision in becoming a successful investment company. He also
serves as Deputy Chair of the investment committee for iCubed Consulting (Pty) Ltd, a S12J venture
capital company.
Ismail has over 30 years’ experience in the Private and Government Sector. His venture into family
business has realized investments in Financial services, FMCG, House & Home retail, Property
development, Manufacturing and E-commerce. He has been instrumental in collaborating with local and
global partners to build an investment company that’s provides investors with tax effective venture
capital opportunities, unit trust investments and investments in an online funding portal (fintec).
Ismail was awarded merit sponsorship to attend the International Leadership Program (ILDP) through
the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) with visits to India and China. He was also sponsored
by Bloomberg to complete an Africa Initiative Financial Journalism course. Ismail mentors entrepreneurs
at GIBS and Fetola.
Ismail holds a Bcompt.Honours. MBA, MSc Real Estate (coursework), CISA, International Leadership and
Financial Journalism.

Ishaaq Kajee - Chief Executive Officer

Ishaaq Kajee is a founding partner of i-Cubed Capital (Pty) Ltd.
As Chief Executive he is responsible for the overall management of the Group’s financing and investing activities. Ishaaq has 20 years experience in the Public and Private Sectors. He completed articles and served in a Retail Finance/Operations Executive capacity reporting for Divisional / Head Office and Africa. He was responsible for strategy formulation, financial management, group creditors and treasury.
Ishaaq was based at the organization’s Franchise and Distribution Division (including Lesotho) where he was involved in Franchise and Corporate Sales, Merchandise and Marketing, Store development, warehousing and logistics, and Credit Committee Chair. He was instrumental in joint venture and acquisition projects that included the Seven Eleven Group and Corporate store acquisitions.. His experience includes commercial property development and leased and owned property management. Ishaaq’s venture away from Corporate has lead to the acquisitions and establishment of investment opportunities in FMCG, House & Home Retail and Real Estate.

Ishaaq holds a B.Compt, and CIMA academic qualifications.

Imraan Kajee - Chief Operations Officer

Imraan Kajee is a founding partner of i-Cubed Capital (Pty) Ltd.
As Chief Operating Officer he is responsible for ensuring operational effectiveness and administrative support of the Group activities and investment portfolio. Imraan has 15 years experience in the Retail Sector and was responsible for the blueprint design and implementation of Adams retail store expansion program. He was previously managing partner of an accounting firm, where he focused on business development, accounting and IT services to owner-managed companies. Imraan’s experience also includes the management of commercial and residential
property development & leasing.

Imraan is a qualified Independent Reviewer (SAICA) and an Accounting Officer (IACSA), who is affiliated to the South African Institute of Accounting and Commerce (IACSA).

Afzal Loonat - Chief Financial Officer

Afzal Loonat is responsible for audit and financial advisory services for the Group. He has extensive experience in statutory audit, forensic audits, tax legislation and accounting services. Afzal has consulted across the Government sector and Private industries. He was exposed to estate planning, deceased estate administration and risk management.

Afzal is a qualified Chartered Accountant who is affiliated to the South African instituted of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) and the Independent regulatory board of auditors (IRBA).

Mahommed Tilly – Chief Investment Officer

Mahommed has vast experience in financial advisory and investment management having worked in private equity, investment banking and corporate finance environments. His experience covers the full range of investment work from origination and appraisal to execution and monitoring. He has cross sectoral exposure having executed numerous transactions across various industries. He was Principal Investment Officer in a R1bn venture capital fund.

Mahommed has a BACC, CISA and is a qualified Chartered Accountant

Mohamed Dalvie - Chief Risk Officer and Financial Planner

Mohamed is a certified financial planner (CFP) and a Key individual registered with the Financial Services Board. His experience includes listed equity (sell-side) research and analysis in the financial services sector. Mohamed received training at the Royal Bank of Scotland analyzing US Investment Banks, compiling reports and performing presentations. His experience in the Insurance industry includes advisory services to clients on long and short term insurance solutions. Mohamed has excellent compliance experience.

Mohamed completed a Bachelor of Business Science and Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning.